Thursday, April 4—Rainy Days and Thursday

Several months ago, friend Stan Jensen convinced us to register for the Cajun RV Rally in Rayne, Louisiana—so here we are—our first rally since October 2012. (We got frustrated with rallies held by one of the RV clubs we were in; seems like they expected the hosts to wait on the other attendees hand and foot, including planning, preparation, and cleanup of most meals—not my cup of tea—so we just quit going!)

Because of the deluge of rain in the Rayne area the last few days, all sites on grass became part of a flooded field. Consequently, we were all (about 50 RVs) parked on at least some pavement, with our back wheels were in the grass. It was also tight as our bedroom slide was within inches of the next RV’s slide. Fortunately, both the 50 amp cord and the fresh water hose reached, just barely. It was too soggy to extend the jacks, but we were sufficiently level to extend the slides.

After the quick setup, we hustled off to lunch at Chef Roy’s Frog Cafe. Kay had etouffee and shrimp, and I had shrimp salad—both were delicious!

Back at the RV we tried napping, but the close proximity of RVs and associated noise made it impossible.

We enjoyed a potluck dinner and humorist in the evening, while also getting to know more attendees. The humorist was a tad off color, but not offensive. It’s going to be a good rally.

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