Sunday, April 7—Boudin Festival

We finally made it to the Boudin Festival in Scott, self-proclaimed “Boudin Capital of the World”. Boudin is a Southern Louisiana sausage-type delicacy comprised of ground pork, rice, onion, and Cajun spices and seasonings. It is served in a casing (my favorite, with mustard) or in deep-fried balls with a surprise center of melted cheese. Despite the mid-morning hour, the deep-fried Boudin balls tasted very good and were washed down with ice cold beer. With ominous clouds building in the southwest, we made a quick tour of the small festival grounds before driving Acadian country roads back to Rayne where we settled in for the afternoon.

It began raining mid-afternoon, and though there were short periods of letup, it continued raining throughout the night, often in deluges loud enough to wake us.

fullsizeoutput_9afA chicken and sausage gumbo dinner was followed with music by Jo El Sonniet, a Cajun Music Hall of Fame, and Grammy Award winner (in camo). He and the band were awesome—he could make that accordion do things we thought impossible. Kay and I danced the night away, mostly country waltzes.

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