Tuesday thru Thursday, February 12-14—Cruising Northward

All ports-of-call were “successfully” visited and are now becoming pleasant memories. Continuing north on Tuesday, the Gem sailed between Haiti and Puerto Rico. Seas were rough with 11-foot waves generated by 35 mph winds, but the ship’s stabilizers made for a relatively smooth ride. As could be expected, the pool area was packed, and it was difficult finding a quiet place to read. The day at sea, and accompanying lack of activity, resulted in a long day. 

Seas were calmer on Wednesday; I slept most of the morning while Kay read. The rest of the day passed without too much fanfare.

Thursday was the last full day at sea, and it was all “rock and roll”.  A front fresh off the east coast hit us broadside. Temperature on the pool deck was 59 degrees.

The cruise has proved to be a learning adventure. For example, Europeans like to consume alcohol, lots of alcohol! Americans, as a general rule, are too nice and considerate. Calories burned in climbing stairs and walking from one end of the ship to the other do not come close to offsetting calories gained by eating on a cruise ship. The rate of speed of someone walking in front of you on a ship is inversely proportional to how big of a hurry you’re in! Also, narrow hallways and openings provide a great place for conversation and holding up foot traffic. Two piece swimsuits are not suited to everyone; nor are Speedos! And finally, there is a significant and obvious difference between flip flops and thongs, or so a friend told me.

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