January 25-26—Yet Another Life List Item

We were ready to escape the cold (at least to us) and wet (40% more rain in 2018 than normal) of Arkansas. Our first real winter at home in 10 years has  proved better than expected so far, except we weren’t quite ready for the weather and soggy golf courses.

Up next on our life list was a cruise thru the Panama Canal, and this winter provided a perfect opportunity. Working with Dana at Vacation Valet in the Village, a 19-day Norwegian cruise from Los Angeles to New York was selected, as it provided 12 ports of call, excluding LA and NY. 

We left home two days early. Uncertain of the length of time to go through security (TSA was not getting paid because of government shutdown) early Saturday morning, we drove to Little Rock late Friday afternoon, staying at the Comfort Inn. There was no delay and we flew to LA via Dallas arriving just after noon—a day prior to sailing (previous cruises have taught us to arrive at the departure port a day early because of airline schedules and customs inspections).

Waiting at the airport in Little Rock
Flying from Little Rock to LA

We were met by Norwegian representatives and caught the arranged shuttle. Check-in at the hotel was uneventful (thank you Dana), and a restful afternoon and evening ensued. The window of our room overlooked the northern hills of LA.

The Hollywood Hills as viewed from our hotel room

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