Monday thru Thursday, November 27-30—Golf, Shopping, and More Golf

We still haven’t established a routine down here in the Valley; Kay’s shingles really hampers her involvement in physical activities, and we’re used to spending this time of year at home—sure miss family. 
Tim Creaghan and I had a tee time at Cimmaron County Club on Monday morning, but an early text from them stated they had cancelled all tee times due to a lack of enough players! Tierra Santa in Weslaco did have an opening late in the morning. It is a very nice course and almost always windy which adds to the challenge, but Monday was unusual in that there was very little wind. Tim had a good round, but my round deteriorated with every swing and putt.

The bad round on Monday combined with a poor memory resulted in leaving a UTRGV gift driver head cover at Tierra Santa. With nothing planned, Kay and I decided to spend the day, Tuesday, shopping at Sketchers and Costco in Pharr, and driving to Weslaco to pick up the head cover, buy golf balls on sale, shop at Wells of Weslaco (Kay’s favorite women’s clothing store), and eat out for lunch. Despite a full list of things to do, we succeeded in returning home early mid-afternoon.
I played golf at Palm View on Wednesday, driving Tim and Sue King there, leaving Kay “stranded” in the motorhome for rest and relaxation. It was my first time to walk 18 holes since late August, was quite tiring, and aggravated a stone bruise on the ball of my right foot (metatarsalgia). And, my game continued to deteriorate.
Thursday saw a few RVs pulling in, a day early, for scheduled arrival December 1. It’s fun watching old friends returning to the Valley, and meeting folks coming here for the first time. It was a good day of rest.

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