Friday, November 10—A False Start

Kay did not sleep well last night—a pain on her left back and side kept her awake.
Our plan was to drive south three days, arriving in the Valley on Sunday, November 12. The first night was to be at Rocky Point Campground, a Corps of Engineers park on Wright-Patman Lake, the second overnight was scheduled for Colorado Landing RV and Mobile Home Park in La Grange, Texas, and arriving the afternoon of the third day at Bentsen Palm Village RV Resort in Mission, Texas. 
With a short drive of only 145 miles, we took our time departing Hot Springs Village on Friday, finally pulling out of the driveway at about 10:00 AM. The tow car was hooked up in the shopping center parking lot near the east gate, and we were on our way. I noticed an orange engine symbol on the instrument panel, but wasn’t too alarmed as I thought it would go away—it did not! Thinking we could make it to the Ford dealership in Texarkana by mid-afternoon (I thought it might be the thermostat, because the temperature gage did not move off of cold) and they advised not driving the motorhome, and that if the light turned red to immediately stop. We continued driving towards Hot Springs, but became more and more concerned; Kay called the Ford dealership in Hot Springs and they indicated that IF it was indeed the thermostat, they could repair it.
We pulled into the Ford dealership, unhooked the tow car, and moved the motorhome to a place where they could work on it. After performing tests, they advised that the wiring harness had been chewed into, that they could repair it, but did not have the part in stock, could order it and have it installed Monday, all for about $1,400.  We agreed, fortunate/blessed that we could return the short distance home to await the repair. And, to make things more palatable, Kay called State Farm Insurance and the rep said the damage was covered as part of the comprehensive insurance, minus the deductible, of course.
Back at home, we explained to the neighbors why we were there, and tried to make the best of an unplanned situation.

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