Monday, August 21—Al Johnson’s, Washington Island, and PC Junction

Yes, the eclipse escaped us.
We have decided to leave earlier than originally planned, but still have a few remaining “leaving with no regrets” items to do/see in Door County; we used our “free” day Monday to accomplish three of those.
After reading email, the Democrat Gazette, and checking Facebook, we drove north to catch the ferry to Washington Island, stopping at Al Johnson’s on the way for breakfast. Simply said, Al Johnson’s is an authentic Swedish family owned restaurant in Sister Bay with goats grazing on the roof! Their breakfast specialty is Swedish pancakes; they were good, and reminded us of a large square crepe.
Kay in front of Al Johnson’s, Sister Bay

Goats are the attraction at Al Johnson’s, Sister Bay

Swedish pancakes, Al Johnson’s, Sister Bay
Leaving the restaurant, we continued north to catch the passenger ferry to Washington Island. Washington Island is Door County’s only year-round island community and the largest of Door County’s thirty islands with over 35 square miles and over 100 miles of roads; it lies 5 miles north of the Door County Peninsula. The highlights (for us) were the Stave Church, lavender farm, and Schoolhouse Beach. The Church of Staves (the Stavkirke) was custom built based on drawings of one built in Borgund, Norway, in 1150 AD. It was unique, and very few nails were used. The Fragrant Isle Lavender Farm was a small farm where lavender is grown, harvested, processed, and distilled for use in many lavender products. sound there and in other Door County locations. Schoolhouse Beach is made up of white, smooth stones, and is one of five beaches in the world like it; it is a part of the Niagara Escarpment.  We had originally planned to take the car and bicycles over, then decided to take just my bicycle, and finally decided to go and take the “train” tour—glad we did—it was good to see, but we wouldn’t do it again.
An old lighthouse along Death’s Door, Door County, Wisconsin

On the passenger ferry to Washington Island

Auto and passenger ferry to Washington Island

Stave Church, Washington Island

Stave Church, Washington Island

Fragrant Isle Lavender Farm, Washington Island

Fragrant Isle Lavender Farm, Washington Island

Kay on Schoolhouse Beach, Washington Island

Finally, on our way back to the coach,, we stopped at PC Junction for a late lunch. PC Junction is the No. 1 food place for kids visiting Door County. The small counter, which is made up of old doors, is where a model train delivers your food and drinks! We opted to sit upstairs away from all the noise; the food was just okay.

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