Saturday, August 19—Ahnapee State Trail, and The Victory Farm

One new item of the list of things to do in Door Country was to cycle the Ahnapee State Trail.  This 48-mile Rails-to-Trails trail winds south along the Ahnapee and Kewaunee rivers to Algoma, Casco, Luxemburg and Kewaunee, passing by a mixture of evergreen glades, farmland, prairies and wooded areas teeming with wildlife and native wildflowers.  While the level grade makes this trail suitable for bicyclists, the part limestone, part grass, part soil trail presented challenges and the wider tires installed last week proved to be a necessity. The trail follows the former corridor of the Ahnapee and Western Railway, which once served as an industrial link between Door, Brown, and Kewaunee Counties. I cycled from south to north in an attempt to avoid a headwind, but to no avail as the 10 mph winds seemed to strike regardless of the direction of travel. The first (lower) part of the trail was the most scenic. The Joe Pye weed adjacent to the trail attracted numerous Tiger Swallowtails and Monarchs despite the wind. The trail was crossed by dozens of county roads and farm lanes, each with a “STOP” sign! The 41+ mile ride was good, but I wouldn’t do it again.

Mile “0”, Kewaunee Trailhead, Ahnapee State Trail

One of many farms along Ahnapee State Trail

Beautiful red barn, with horse in doorway, Ahnapee State Trail

Only tunnel along Ahnapee State Trail

Joe Pye weed, Ahnapee State Trail

Kewaunee River, Ahnapee State Trail

The most developed trailhead, Ahnapee StateTrail

Another beautiful farm, Ahnapee State Trail

Apples on and along the Ahnapee State Trail

Ahnapee State Trail

After returning to the coach, for a quick shower, we saw The Victory Farm at Northern Sky Theater in Peninsula SP. Written, produced, and performed by the Northern Sky Theater company, the play is about life and relationships one summer on a cherry orchard owned and operated by a war widow and her daughter during WW II, using German POWs to pick cherries. The play was quite good.

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