Tuesday, May 9—Viking Homeland Cruise, Day 4, Stavanger, Norway

Our stop today was the last in Norway, and perhaps the best yet.  Stavanger, located in southern Norway, is a charming city, the economy of which is fed by the offshore drilling industry supporting North Sea petroleum extraction.  The cobbled streets are lined with some 250 wooden houses dating to the 17th and 18th centuries; it is the largest concentration of wooden building on the continent.

Our excursion today consisted of a visit to the Oil Museum and a walking tour through the heart of the town.
Of course, dinner with the group is always the best part of the day.
From L to R:  Bernice, Jim, Nan, and George

From L to R:  Donald, Debra, and Ralph

Kay’s Plate—Lots of Seafood

Weather today was cloudy, windy, some rain, and 48°.

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