Friday and Saturday, May 5-6—Viking Homeland Cruise, Enroute

Among our life list items was a Baltic cruise.  After our great trip with Viking on the Grand European Tour in 2015, we opted to cruise the Baltic with them, and will be joined by Nan and George (Kay’s sister and BIL), Jim and Bernice (friends of Nan and George), and Ralph and Debra (also friends of Nan and George).  The cruise will take us, via the Viking Star, to Norway, Denmark, Germany, Poland, Estonia, Russia, Finland, and Sweden.

In order to catch our flight from Little Rock to Dallas, we departed home at 6:30 AM; Kay dropped me and the luggage off at the airport at about 7:30 AM, drove to the Holiday Inn, parked the car, and caught the shuttle back to join me.  Our flight to Dallas was uneventful, but at Dallas the British Airways flight was late arriving, and thus departing.

The overnight flight was long and tiring, and we arrived at Heathrow too late to catch our next and final flight to Bergen, Norway.

After several gyrations with Heathrow’s transportation, security, etc. we caught our rearranged flight to Oslo, Norway.

Getting through their passport windows and security was a real challenge, time wise, causing us to miss our rescheduled flight to Bergen.  We finally caught a flight to Bergen, arriving about 6 PM, though NO LUGGAGE.

Thus, the saga of flying from Little Rock, Arkansas, USA, to Bergen, Norway.  Lesson learned:  we will try to never ever use VIKING AIR for flights accompanying their cruises—there is not enough time scheduled to make international connections!

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