Thursday through Saturday, February 18-28—Butterflies, the Social Kind

The last week in February represents the end of the season for many Winter Texans in the Rio Grande Valley.  Consequently, seas one-ending activities are scheduled and held, social visits are made with friends one may never see again, and odd jobs and wrap-up shopping are performed— such was life in the Valley this past week.
Al and I played golf at Tierra Santa Golf Club in Weslaco on Friday. This is one of the best courses in the Valley. Unfortunately, winds were 25 to 30 mph, and we were behind a very slow foursome, taking some five hours and 15 minutes to play the round.
On Saturday a trip was made to Cosco for cleaning of hearing aids and picking up supplies to last until our return to the Valley next year.  The audiology technician there really did a super job of adjusting my hearing aids; regrettably, I need them more and more every day.
We attended church on Sunday, our last visit of the season. And then, on Sunday afternoon the resort hosted Arts in the Park, displaying crafts and hobby items of resort residents. It continues to amaze us how talented the our neighbors are.  Kay was among the artists, exhibiting her latest Swedish weaving project.  And then at happy hour, Al hosted his own fashion show, trying to weasel his way into hitting from the ladies’ tees at the upcoming golf tournament.
160221 E 003
I played in a golf scramble at Meadow Creek on Monday morning; paired with some good golfers, our team won first place, and $6, each.  We helped Wayne celebrate his 75th birthday in the evening with fajitas and chocolate cake.  We so enjoyed he and Loretta being in the Valley this winter.
160222 8839
The resort’s ladies’ style show and luncheon was on Tuesday, and Kay modeled several outfits; of course she looked great as usual. In fact all of the women and men models look really good.
160223 E 004
160223 E 005
I played golf at Howling Trails, a course owned by the LoJoya school. I personally liked the course as the fairways had good grass and the greens were nice though a bit slow.
Kay hosted her annual “Circle 3” ladies luncheon on Wednesday, and all the ladies had a great time. The luncheon grows every year; this year 20 resort neighbors attended.
160224 E 006
And then, on Thursday, we had our annual CanAm golf tournament. This is a major event for the resort, in combination with Retama Village, a sister resort. This tournament pits the Canadians against the Americans, and though fun, it is subtly very competitive. I was paired with Sue King, and our foursome included a Canadian couple, Dennis and Elaine, from Nova Scotia.  We all had a really good time; Sue and I ended up with a 73.
160225 E 007
Thursday evening, we attended a dance at Mission West, meeting Wayne and Bessie Nickerson, also from Nova Scotia. The dance floor was large, and could easily accommodate line dancers, trail dancers, and the others of us doing the Texas two-step. The band was good, there was no smoking, and it was just a wonderful evening. We plan to attend there often next year.
160225 E 008
On Friday, we had lunch with Jim and Sheryl Watts, from southwest Missouri.  We only see them once a year now, if only to catch up and enjoy each other’s company for a brief time. We had a very nice visit and it was good seeing them.
Kay and I both have mixed emotions about leaving the resort this season; the weather has been fantastic and we have had a super good time. However, we both also look forward to returning home and visiting our grandkids, our kids, and our many friends. Consequently, on Saturday, we began packing up the outdoor stuff: garden lights, grill, hose, outdoor tables, outdoor extension cord’s, and our RV lot sign until next season.
We were both lethargic on Sunday, and took it easy, basking in the last day of relaxation at BPV RV Resort for the season. Most of the residents here in the resort have pets; consequently, the BPV RV Resort annual pet parade was this afternoon.  Here’s a photo f our neighbor and friend, Debbie (aka Debbie Two Poodles).  The people in the photo are from left to right, Tim Creaghan (Debbie’s husband), Debbie, Lorna Graham (our next door neighbor and bird and butterfly expert), and Sue Brown, a neighbor; all are from Canada.
160228 E 009
Tomorrow, serious packing will occur.

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