Monday through Saturday, February 16-21—A Cool, Overcast Winter and the CanAm

150227 EE 001

A constant topic in the blog this winter has been the cool, wet weather here in the Rio Grande Valley.  And this onerous weather pattern continues, with only a few days of normal 70s and sunshine among the many days of windy, overcast, cool days, with occasional rain—this tropical desert area of south Texas is supposed to be dry, sunny, and warm!  Consequently, we have altered our normal winter activities, having to forego many of the things we enjoy doing outdoors.  While golf has been my main entertainment, we have had few warm sunny days on which to play.  Cycling has been almost non-existent, though we do find a day here and there where the weather is conducive, i.e. not too much wind (less than 15 mph), and not too cold (above 60°).  There have been few birds and almost no butterflies since early November.

While Kay has been in Arkansas since February 15, I have been a hermit, only occasionally venturing out, mainly to play golf in the CanAm on Wednesday, which the Americans (US) lost, 105 to 106 average scores—we had an outpouring of US folks play in the CanAm who typically don’t play, thus the high average for the US team!  This was a fun event, and lots of time and effort went into each country’s twosomes procuring decorations for their golf carts.  Ours included 4 US flags and 2 sets of red, white, and blue balloons.  Regretfully, I don’t have any photographs of the cart, but here is a photograph of three of us—Don Aitchison from Ontario, Dale Short from Louisville, and yours truly—who played, photo courtesy of Donna Short.

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