Monday through Thursday, October 20-23—Preliminaries for Building a New House, Part 1

A bit refreshed after completing the move from Norfork and a good night’s sleep, we enjoyed a walk around Maumelle COE Park Monday morning.  With time on our hands, we shopped at Sam’s Club for a few food items, then drove to Kay’s daughter’s to wash clothes and download updates to the computer, iPads, and iPhones.  We met with Brandon Tedder, owner of Renaissance Homes and our builder, to finalize plans and the construction contract.  And then, it was back to Karyn’s for some play time with Ridge and a family dinner.  We were back at the motorhome by 8 PM, and in bed shortly thereafter.

We returned to the Renaissance Homes office Tuesday morning to execute the contract and make decisions about the new house, getting into such details as location of the return air, location of electrical and media outlets, location of outside water faucets, cabinets, built-ins, and a myriad of other details.  We spent all day, but picked out almost everything, including appliances.  Next Monday, before we leave for Texas, we’ll pick out tile, flooring, roof, and paint.  It helps tremendously to have done this before, and to have seen enough of their work to know what we like.  We would be remiss not to mention Cris, who works for Renaissance and assists with picking out everything.  She definitely has her act together, and is assertive enough, but not too much.  Cris made the process much less difficult and painful than it could have been.  And, we really like her tastes.

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An early morning trip to Hot Springs Village was on the agenda for Wednesday.  Arriving at about 9 AM, we met the builder and surveyor at the lot to agree on the layout of the house on the lot, then drove to the bank to open a safety deposit box, then to the post office to effect a change of address to Texas for the winter, and then to the storage unit to straighten and tidy up the space for potential storage of new appliances and furniture.  By then, it was noon and we split a chef salad and rueben sandwich at Ponce de Leon Golf Club; it was fantastic!  Finally, it was back to Maumelle COE Park for a brief nap before heading off to dinner with son Ron and his significant other, Cheryl.  It reminds me of Christmas where we try to visit each of the kids in a short period of time, almost a race, but we’re getting too old for this hectic pace.

Up and at ‘em again Thursday morning.  We met with the mortgage banker at 9 AM just to say hello, and have a cup of coffee.  And then, it was off to Cajun Brothers Furniture Store in Conway, Arkansas, to begin looking at furniture for the new house.  Back in the greater Little Rock area, we drove through a Maumelle neighborhood to identify brick facades and roofing we liked.  On the way to Maumelle COE Park, we had a late lunch at a Greek restaurant, and the grilled lamb was excellent, as was Kay’s chicken gyro.  Finally, we returned to the campground, changed clothes, and walked about 4 miles; we’re tired!

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