Saturday, October 18—Moving Day

141018 4409

U+Haul trucks are basic to say the least—no powered accessories, a rough ride, and the front bounces all over the road—but they meet one’s needs for moving stuff.  I left Quarry COE Park Saturday morning at 7:30 AM driving the 20 foot U+Haul, and arrived in Hot Springs Village at 11:30 AM.  Kay left 30 minutes afterward, and arrived at 11:45 AM.  We removed loose stuff at the rear of the truck to facilitate unloading the boxes while waiting for the hired helpers to show up; they never did!  Consequently, Kay and I unloaded the entire truck ourselves, and got almost everything in the climate-controlled storage room except for a few outside tools which we placed in the outside storage room.  After unloading, we drove to Walmart to fill up with gasoline, then to the U+Haul return facility, and then back to Quarry COE Park, arriving at 7:45 PM—a long, hard day for us!  Tomorrow, we leave Baxter County for good, perhaps returning to visit friends, dentist, and doctors next spring.

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