Wednesday and Thursday, October 15-16—Packing and Loading

First thing Wednesday morning, we drove to the dentist in Calico Rock for semi-annual cleaning.  Upon our return, we packed the Keurig and some misc items, finished packing the motorhome, and moved it to Quarry COE Campground; it’s the first time it’s been driven since late March!  Back at the house, we pre-positioned bulky items to the front porch to facilitate the move, and returned to Quarry COE Campground for the first night of living in the motorhome—for at least the next 6 months.  We were exhausted after the day’s activities and were in bed by 8:30 PM.

141016 003E

We both awoke at 4:00 AM Thursday morning, had coffee, and read email, etc. on our iPhones as the iPads were left at the house.  We returned to the house about 6:00 AM to do some last minute taping of boxes, and then drove to pick up the U+Haul truck in Mountain Home.  After looking at the choices, we opted for a 20-foot truck in lieu of the 26-foot model.  Two Norwood Moving Company workers reported to the house, and quickly loaded our meager belongings!  We spent the rest of the morning cleaning the shop/hobby room and lower garage, the refrigerators and freezer, disconnecting and packing the DirecTV hardware (good riddance), and disconnecting the Centurytel modem/router (great riddance).  We took advantage of a last shower in a BIG shower, washed and dried a couple loads of clothes, and drove to Quarry COE Campground for a quiet evening.  LouAnn, our sweet housekeeper, gave us a gift certificate to Colton’s which we used for dinner.  She will be greatly missed.  I was in bed shortly after 8:00 PM.

141016 004E

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