Monday through Sunday, June 30-July 6—Homework

We arrived home yesterday, Sunday, to find the house in great shape thanks to housekeeper Louann, but the deer and bird feeders were empty and weeds had overtaken the place.  Consequently, the first order of business was to fill the feeders, and then eliminate as many of the weeds as possible without impacting the shrubs and flowers.  A healthy dose of Roundup combined with weed eating and pulling and hoeing Monday and Tuesday did the trick.  Deer, turkeys, and birds immediately began feeding, and we saw our first Summer Tanager at our place.  We drove to Springfield via Branson on Wednesday for shopping at the outlet mall in Branson and to have scheduled maintenance performed on the Honda in Springfield.  Of course, the trip to Springfield included a visit to Sam’s Club.  We returned to performing chores on Thursday, and we celebrated Independence Day quietly at home, just the two of us—no fireworks, hamburgers, or hot dogs, just recuperating from all the soreness!  With unseasonably cool weather, Saturday provided a great opportunity to wash the motorhome, and begin the two-day waxing job.  At least, the roof got a much needed wax job; the rest of the motorhome awaits.  Now that the weeds are mostly gone, and the motorhome washed and partially waxed, maybe we can “play” a little.  During the course of the week, in between all the homework, Kay and I went to Big Creek Golf and Country Club (we’re not members) for Kay to hit a few golf balls and practice her short game and me just to hit golf balls.  It’s a very nice golf course, rated among the nation’s best under 25,000 rounds, but we got spoiled last month in Hot Springs Village where the courses and practice facilities are superb.  As for “practice”, Kay constantly reminds me that improving one’s golf game is a process, not an event.  We returned to our “home” church Sunday morning, glad to see everyone for a few weeks before our next trip to the Village.  After spending a quiet, restful afternoon at home, we were dinner guests on John and Sandy, along with Ed.  Laughter and great food were in plentiful supply. 

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