Saturday , March 8—Beginning a Week of Lasts

Today would have been the 71st birthday of my beloved brother, Ronnie; I miss him so much.
This begins our last week in the RGV for the 2013-3014 season.  There is still a lot to do in the RGV; for example, this weekend alone BorderFest is being held in Hidalgo, and a big livestock show and rodeo is underway in Mercedes.  We wanted to attend both, but the crud has taken its toll on my energy levels, with lots of drainage, coughing, and generally feeling yucky.  It seems like the weather has been the topic of conversation much of this season, here and elsewhere.  Today, Saturday, we awoke to pretty darn nice temperatures with little wind.   I joined Jim and Paul, next door neighbors on either side, for coffee at the Activities Center, bypassing the pastries.  This will be our last Coffee Hour this season.  Several RVs left the resort early this morning.  The Canadian Winter Texans have a limited number of days they can spend in the US, either because of province rules, US rules, or their insurance coverage.  Many will gradually move north at the beginning of the end of the winter season, still enjoying relatively warm temperatures, pre-positioning for a run to the border when and if their time expires.
140308 E 005
I continued the reorganizing, storing, packing routine, and removed a couple of chairs and Christmas decorations for storing down here in the Valley while Kay drove to Donna, Texas, to the Don Wes Flea Market—her last time this season—to pick up a few things for the kids and, of course, for us, with stops at Costco and Walmart.  Today is Van’s 65th birthday, and Kay picked up a super good chocolate birthday cake for him.  While I napped, Kay held a mini sewing bee at the palapa with Bonnie and Ruth, continuing the new Swedish weaving project.  During the bee, she alerted me to the presence of an owl occupying a tree in Circle 3.140308 E 001  Wayne and Bessie dropped by shortly before happy hour at the palapa, and sweet Bessie brought me a cowboy hatband made out of aluminum can tabs.  It’s really good looking, and will shine on the dance floor!  We all “adjourned” to the palapa to help Van celebrate his birthday, only to find out that Bonnie had had a birthday on Tuesday.  Consequently, we celebrated both birthdays.  Shar brought over fried dill pickles, and Debbie brought over meatballs.  Others brought assorted snacks and appetizers.  Actually, this is pretty typical for happy hour at the palapa, so we often don’t eat an evening meal.  We had a quiet evening as Kay worked on Swedish weaving and I edited photos.

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