Thursday thru Tuesday, December 26 thru December 31—It’s All Over

We arose early this morning (Thursday), and quickly headed out the door for the almost 14-hour trip south.  It was uneventful, with rain the last three hours.  Kay and I really enjoy road trips—we get time to talk without a lot of interruptions.  It was interesting to note that the terrain and vegetation both changed considerably at LaGrange, Texas, and leaves were just beginning to turn.  Everything south of there was green.  We arrived at “home” abut 7 PM, quickly unloaded the car, and relaxed for the first time in several days—it is good to be home.  As an aside, we listened to a lot of Texas Two Steppin’ music on the way down, and are ready to dance!

It was so good to sleep in our bed, and wake up in our house (the motorhome) Thursday night and Friday morning, respectively.  The rain we drove through last night continued, and in combination with cool temperatures, encouraged us to remain inside most of the day.  We used the time to clean up the remains of Christmas wrapping paper, boxes, and other holiday products.  Kay called Wayne and Bessie to inquire as to their availability for dancin’ tonight, and they readily accepted the invitation.  We picked them up shortly after 7 PM, and drove to a “joint” in Penitas, Texas, to hear Roland Garcia, Jr. play and sing.  We really enjoyed the dancin’ but the smoke-filled place was too much for my allergies, and we left after a couple of hours.

The rain that had been falling the last couple of days finally abated Saturday morning.  We drove to Costco for an appointment with the hearing center, to pick up a few items, and to just leisurely browse.  After a quiet afternoon, I left happy hour to retrieve Kay’s bicycle at The Bike Masters, a local bicycle shop where her bike was cleaned, tuned, and repaired.  It was thought that a new part was needed for the gears, but when I picked it up, the bike mechanic said it was a cable, and he replaced it for $8.65.  I could not believe his honesty, and that is a shame that our culture has degraded to the point that we don’t trust service businesses!

Attending church Sunday morning helped get us back to normal after the hectic  Christmas holiday.  The moderate temperatures and sunshine felt really good and refreshing, and after an early lunch, I took off for a long bike ride.  Some 12 miles away from the RV resort, I heard a spoke pop, the third one to break on the new bicycle in less than two months.  Fortunately, Kay had taken her phone to the laundry, and came to pick me up after I called her.  We drove immediately to the bike shop, and left the bicycle, hopefully for a new wheel, or complete respoking.    Palapa time was good as we continued “catching up” after Christmas.  After going to bed, the wind began howling, and I had left the awning deployed.  A quick look at the forecast showed heavy winds, plummeting temperatures, and more rain—just what we need—so, it was out of bed, and outside to untie the taut lines and retract the awning; that’ll put you to sleep!

Rain that began during the night continued Monday, and with everything already soaked, standing water is everywhere, including about and inch and a half on our patio.  This area is flat, and rain doesn’t run off very rapidly, particularly when it is a long, steady downpour.  Kay began making a bowl this morning, and cut out all the pieces and glued most of them together.  She will glue the base on in her next class, and then began turning the block of wood into a bowl shape on the lathe.  Shortly after lunch, Al and Sharon and Chuck and Sue arrived from eastern Ontario, and we welcomed them “home” in the rain.  Chuck and Sue came to our motorhome for a brief rest before setting up their RV as their winter home.  While they were here, I spent a portion of the afternoon resolving issues related to effecting the warranty on my bicycle.  Even though I registered it with TREK when it was purchased, the local bike shop was extra cautious in preparing a warranty claim, much to my dismay after half a dozen telephone calls!  In late afternoon, Chuck and Sue departed and began the set-up process, and Paul Graham and I plugged in their “shore” power, reconnected the battery,, turned on their propane, and connected the water as Chuck and Sue began the process of reorganizing their trailer and unpacking.  While away, the bike shop called and said they had everything need to file a warranty claim—yes!  Along with Van and Bonnie, Paul and Lorna, and Chuck and Sue, Kay and I went out to Cheddar’s for dinner so no one would have to cook and clean up.  Clint and Lynn took Al and Sharon out for the same reason.  After returning to the motorhome, Kay and I hunkered down for an evening of reading.

We awoke to continued rain on Tuesday, New Year’s Eve, and about two inches have fallen from this latest storm.  There are few complaints from locals as they experienced a near catastrophic drought this past summer.  Us Winter Texans, on the other hand, are ready for it to stop, the sun to shine, and warm temperatures to return—the RGV has been about 10° below normal the last few days—and we’re in much better spirits when we can spend time outdoors.  Kay and I cleaned the inside of the RV, having tracked in stuff from all the rain and muddy ground.  By lunch, the wind had abated sufficiently to allow deployment of the awning, helping us to at least have a covered entrance into the motorhome.  The rain continued to fall intermittently, but at a much less intensity, and we began to see dry spots on the patio.  A large group from the resort met for dinner at a great steak house, Republic of the Rio Grande, and the food was very tasty.  We returned to the resort and attended the New Year’s Eve party with two tables of neighbors and many friends, and danced the night away, saying farewell to a blessed 2013, and hailing in 2014.

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