Tuesday, December 24—Christmas Eve

131224 E 006

Karyn, Matt, and Ridge have their family Christmas dinner and open gifts on Christmas Eve; Ron, Cheryl, Kaden, and Jordan celebrate over the course of several days as is the case of most blended families; and Jenny, Brian, and Harper celebrate on Christmas Day.  Of course, all of the kids run themselves ragged traveling back and forth among in-laws, step-families, etc. opening gifts and eating large holiday meals at every stop—madness!   Kay and I took a break from all the hectic activities after noon, and attended Christmas Eve services at our old church, St. James United Methodist Church, in Little Rock.  Our former Mountain Home First United Methodist Church pastor is now the senior pastor at St. James, and it was especially good hearing him give the homily.  We also saw an old friend, Sally Graves, and caught each other up-to-date.  After church, Karyn and Matt prepared a scrumptious meal, and together with his family, we enjoyed a great Christmas Eve evening, particularly watching Ridge open and play with his many gifts.  Shortly after he went to bed, everyone else was too tired to enjoy more holiday spirit and retired for the night as well.

131224 E 008


131224 E 012

131224 E 007

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