Sunday, December 15—Where’s Kay?

131215 E 001

I slept late today, awakening just as Kay was calling from central Arkansas.  Church was not the same today, without Kay, but the message was good.  Afterwards, I returned to the motorhome and had breakfast. Van and I rode bikes this afternoon (here’s an over the shoulder shot of Van) despite the 15-20 mph winds.  It is hard to escape winds down here in the RGV, especially as the sun begins to heat the ground.  We rode a somewhat different route; here are the stats:

Ride Time: 1:57:37

Stopped Time: 57:38

Distance: 23.28 miles

Average: 11.87 mph

Fastest Speed: 19.43 mph

Ascent: 240 feet

Descent: 243 feet

Calories: 1601

Arriving back at the RV resort, we noted Jim and Ruth Alexander had arrived for the winter; we stopped by to say welcome them “home.”  Jim is a mechanical engineer, enjoys flying RC airplanes ,and is an avid birder.   Happy hour at the palapa was packed today with 21 folks present; Kay was conspicuous by her absence.  I wrapped up the evening updating the blog, and posted new entries just before midnight.

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