Friday, December 13—No Bike Riding Today

It is still cold and windy (temperatures in the low 50s and winds steady at 15 mph), and with the remnants of the cold, a stomach virus, and a couple of other maladies, I opted not to ride today.  About mid-morning, I was off to Walmart for some OTC meds and a mooring of Christmas shopping, only to realize at the parking lot that I had left my wallet in the motorhome.  So, I drove back to the motorhome, retrieved the wallet, and drove back to Walmart where OTC meds were purchased along with wrapping paper, tape, bags, and other Christmas present wrapping paraphernalia—Kay usually does all this, but she’s not here, and these things are to be used to wrap her presents—and no, I don’t take her for granted.  After several hours of shopping—I NOW know where all of Kay’s favorite stores are in the RGV, and how to get there—I returned to the motorhome exhausted; shopping is hard work!  

This afternoon, a senior ranger from the Bentsen Rio Grande Valley State Park next door spoke to a light crowd at the Activities Center.  He talked about the impacts of the flood of 2010, and provided a good overview of activities and programs at the park.

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One of the monthly events at the resort is Karaoke, but the couple who hosted it did not return this year.  A neighbor asked (pleaded) if I would help her host Karaoke this year, and I agreed.  After the state park presentation, her husband transported the equipment to the Activities Center, and we spent the next 45 minutes hooking it up and testing it—not bad considering we had never used the resorts sound board, microphones, and speakers.  Karaoke night began at 7 PM with a sparse crowd, and there were not enough “singers” to fill the time.  Consequently, Shar and I sung more than our share of songs, mixed in with sing-along Christmas songs.  The crowd began to pick up, and folks were feeling more comfortable singing in front of others, and the evening ended successfully at 10 PM.  There is a lot of talent among the residents here, along with a few people willing make people laugh at their own expense.  We received many positive comments, and will do it again next month.

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