Tuesday, December 10—Wow, It Really Works

Kay’s insistence on my taking Zicam was a blessing as I awoke Tuesday feeling much better.  Typically, when one of these head colds takes hold, it’s a week and a half of misery, stuffiness, and generally not feeling well.  However, this time there were only short spurts of not feeling well, though I certainly did not feel good, and the stuffiness was sufferable.  I did stay in, continuing to convalesce, though the motorhome gets exponentially smaller the longer one stays in it without getting outside, i.e. I’m going stir crazy!  Kay shopped for groceries, made shrimp creole sauce, and busied herself around the RV.  Despite the cool temperatures, happy hour at the palapa was fun, and there was a big crowd, all glad to escape the confines of their RVs.  As evening approached, we sauntered over to the Activities Center and played bridge with a couple of ladies with whom we played last year.  Our bridge lessons this past summer has decimated our game, and we are practically starting over, but nevertheless it was an informal game, and we all laughed and enjoyed the evening.  Once again, our evening ended with a couple of episodes of Bomb Girls.

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