Wednesday, December 4—My Longest Bicycle Ride

131204 E 001

At 8:30 AM on Wednesday, Van and I met for “long” bicycle ride/workout.  With his biking experience in the RGV, he led.  We rode to and through McAllen, taking a break about midway, and returning to the RV resort 4 hours and 31.1 miles later.  It was a great ride, and we are quite compatible in our conversation, speed, etc.  He’s a gentleman, and a real pleasure to be around.  After the historic ride (my longest ever), it was off to the hot tub and pool for a good soak—umm!  Rather than having happy hour at the palapa, we joined others at the Activities Center for Margarita night, though neither Kay nor I drink margaritas—too sweet and too many calories.  Afterward, we joined Clint, Lynn, Regie, Jim, Ron, and Darlene for Chinese food at China East.  The buffet had lots of different foods, but it was not very “heat” warm, and just okay.  We returned home early, and watched a couple of shows on television.

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