Sunday, December 1—A New Month

November was a busy month for us, but aren’t they all:

  • Babysitting younger grandson Ridge for a few days
  • Medical and dental appointments
  • Preparation for our winter trip to the RGV
  • Hosting Jenny, Brian, and Harper for an early Thanksgiving weekend
  • Traveling to the RGV
  • Acclimating to the RGV and renewing acquaintances with old friends
  • Thanksgiving in the RGV, and
  • Christmas shopping! 

However, despite the busy season, it was fun, fulfilling, and rewarding, and we wouldn’t trade anything for our experiences with family and friends.

Today, Sunday, began as most do with “early” church.  As we have commented previously, we really like the First United Methodist Church in Mission, and find the sermons presented by Pastor Bill Duke to be thought provoking.  For example, today’s lesson was on the subject of “Hide and Seek.”  Also, as it is the first Sunday of the month, we were blessed with partaking in Communion, one of my favorite church traditions.  We are so blessed!

AfRiverside Clubter church, we returned to BPVRV Resort, changed clothes, relaxed for a couple of hours, greeted Tim and Rosie just arrived from New Mexico, and met Wayne, Bessie, Bill, and Dee for a couple hours of dancin’ and dining at the Riverside Club.  Despite it being the early part of the season, the place was full; lots of Winter Texans arrived the last couple of days.


Speaking of which, we only stayed a couple of hours as we were expecting friends Van and Bonnie to arrive at BPVRV Resort from Austin where they had stopped in route from Ontario to visit their son.  Van and Bonnie are from Ontario, and we really enjoy their company.  They had to return to Ontario just last week for the burial of Van’s father; he died just a month short of 101!  The “Circle” prepared dinner for the new arrivals, as both couples were tired from traveling today.  Our friends down here as just the nicest people!

With Van’s arrival, I am pumped to fly the RC airplane purchased last year, and concluded the day and evening watching several videos on YouTube for instruction.  Now, if the wind will just lay.

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