Sunday thru Saturday, Oct 6 thru Oct 12—Visitors

Sunday was daughter Karyn’s birthday. Happy birthday, Karyn.

Back in a rhythm, we started the week with church, Sunday school, and lunch at Chen’s Chinese buffet. We typically eat lunch on Sunday with Bruce and Joan Burr and Al and Gaye Vekovious from church and Sunday school. We all seem to have a lot in common: same church obviously, fishing, travel, love of the outdoors, and we all enjoy watching British television via Netflix. It is fun to share that part of everyday life with others, and we discover new places to go, and shows to watch on Netflix!

You all have read about the issues with our auxiliary brake used in the Honda CR V when we tow it behind the motorhome. We did send it in, and the company promptly replaced a bad circuit board, made other modifications to bring it up to date, and shipped it back to us; so far, it works great, but the real test will be enroute to the Rio Grande Valley.

131007 E 001

Monday morning, I hosted Michael LeBlanc for a fishing experience on the Norfork River. Mike is a son-in-law of Dick and Carolyn Todd, good friends of ours. He recently retired from the US Post Office in the Kansas City area and is an avid fly fisher. We entered the river at Mill Dam Eddy, and a sick feeling came over me as we observed a track hoe working on the right descending bank of the river adjacent to the island. And, they took out trees under which I have caught hundreds of fish.  I have fished this area so extensively that an intimate bond has been developed, and to see it altered was heartbreaking. But, as Kay says, “Turn the page.” Anyway, Michael caught lots of fish, but had to listen to my tirades all morning!  He did learn how to high stick, and use other techniques for nymph fishing, though he is an excellent fisher in his own right.

Kay and I did a major bicycle ride on Tuesday, riding from the house to the White River via Push Mountain Road, and then down along the White River and back. At 14 miles, it was Kay’s longest ride, and she did great! We really enjoy riding, meeting folks along the way, and seeing sights at a bit slower pace.

Wednesday, we had no hummingbirds at any of the feeders. Their numbers had been steadily dwindling over the last several days. Consequently, yesterday, October 8, marked their last day at Dunnhill for 2013. Typically, the hummingbirds which call Dunnhill home for the summer depart for warmer climates on October 6; however, one year it was October 7, and another it was early November. So, we expected them to depart on Sunday. This season was a good one, and there were lots of birds, second only to 2005. Also, the numbers and varieties of butterflies are dwindling, as we are only seeing a few Pipevine Swallowtails, Eastern Commas, Fritillaries, and Eastern tailed-Blues. Surprisingly, those we seem appear to be in good condition, with few “scrapes and bruises” to show for their journey south.

131011 E 005

Friday was a special day as we got to see Jenny and Harper. Jenny’s birthday is coming up soon, and we hadn’t seen them since Harper’s birthday party on July 27. Our drive to Memphis was to celebrate Jenny’s birthday, and, of course, to see Harper. She is growing, and getting cuter, if that is possible. And, Jenny is such a good mom. Harper dances to music, and at 14 months is able to maintain a rhythm matching that of the music. And she has learned to pose for the camera with a scrunchy, pseudo smile. What a doll. She missed her morning nap, but was a real champ during our visit, including lunch at Cheddar’s and a lengthy shopping trip to Costco. Jenny texted us that she went to sleep immediately when they were leaving Costco. She talks up a storm, though we have no idea what she is saying, but can say “D”, a nickname she has adopted for me.

And then, to top off an already great week, Ridge and his folks came to visit Friday evening. He is talking up a storm, making complete sentences and adding a lot of body language such as pointing his finger at you during a conversation to make a point. While we understand some of what he says, most is not a language with which we’re familiar. He sure enjoys time with his “KK” and “DD” and rarely says one without saying the other. He loves music and has several toys that make musical sounds. And, his parents stopped in Mountain View on the way up and bought him a couple of trucks. Wow, did we ever play with them, and they talked as well. Needless to say, Dunnhill was not quiet over the weekend. Ridge also likes to walk, and enjoys the natural setting of Dunnhill. He walked to the road (accompanied) several times, and is noticing all sorts of things like dead snakes—he’s all boy. Now, if we can only “house break” him—you know what I mean (he’ll quickly become a complete country boy with a little bit of redneck thrown in).

Jerry and Karen Smith, our RVing friends from the RGV, have stopped in the area on their way south for the winter. We had a great visit Saturday, beginning with biscuits and sausage gravy for breakfast, and ending with grilled chicken and vegetables for dinner, and spent most of the day on the patio enjoying beautiful fall weather, birds, and butterflies, and of course, Ridge, coming in and out of the house.

We had a very busy week, but are learning to set aside some time just for the two of us—to have a fun.

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