Monday, September 9—Fishing with Ed

DATE: Monday, September 9, 2013

TIME: 8:25 AM TO 11:15 AM

WEATHER:  HIgh 80s, partly cloudy


LOCATIONS FISHED: Norfork River, Riffle Above the Island Below Otter Creek

FLIES USED: #14 Gray Norfork River Scud, #20 black/copper Zebra Midge, #14 Furnace Cockleburr, #14 Pink Cockleburr

ROD USED:  8’ 6” 5-wt Winston JWF

HATCHES:  Midges, occasional cranefly

OTHER: I fished with Ed.  After walking in at Mill Dam Eddy, we walked upstream to the riffle above the island.  Apparently, minimum flow has been effected because water levels were unusually high, and wading was difficult, necessitating a staff.  (Be careful what you ask for; I didn’t ask for minimum flow.)  I managed a dozen and a half fish, mostly on the midge and scud, with the remainder on the Cockleburr.  Ed caught 35 fish on 8 different fly patterns; he was in a zone! 

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