Sunday, August 18—South Haven, Michigan

Leaving Indigo Bluffs was a mixed bag as we really enjoyed the luxury RV resort and met two very nice couples with whom we very much enjoyed visiting. We also liked Traverse City and all the surrounding villages and towns. There were opportunities to do lots of things. But, we also needed to drive south.

130818 WIMI E K 004

Our experiences with Michigan roads has been less than positive. It seems like some of the highways are good, and then in the cities and small villages, the roads turn to pot…holes. It is especially bad in our RV, as we can feel every bump in the washboarded roads compared to a very smooth ride on non-concrete roads. Consequently, we took a longer, but smoother route.  

We arrived at Sunny Brook RV Resort shortly after lunch, checked in, and set up. It is rated as a 10/10/10—a perfect score— by Trailer Life, but we would rate it more somewhat lower based on the facts that RVs are lined up in rows, with very little vegetative screen between them, and we had a couple of dogs close by that barked constantly. The internet was sporadic, but the pool and hot tub were great. We’d stay there again, but only when passing through. As for South Haven, the downtown area and Lake Michigan shoreline were nice, and lots of folks were making their way to the beach for the sunset. Otherwise, there doesn’t seem to be too much to do.

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