Saturday, August 10—Leaving Lake Superior Country and the UP

It’s moving day again as we leave the south shore of Lake Superior to the north shore of Lake Michigan.

Kay woke up sick this morning, as she still has not recovered from the crud that’s been plaguing her since before we left. She began another round of antibiotics and Sudafed as the doctor ordered. Hopefully, this will pass quickly.

Without hook-ups, there’s not too much to do to get ready to move: retract the slides, lift the jacks, stow the jack pads, connect the car, and check the lights.

130812 WIMI E 002

We were off at 8:30 for the 140-mile trip south and east to Mackinaw City, Michigan, on the shores of Lake Huron and Lake Michigan. Kay routed us south and the roads were very good. At Manistique, Michigan, a left turn took us to US Highway 2, one of American’s most scenic highways, crossing the US and passing on the southern border of Glacier National Park in Montana. Weekend traffic increased along the way, but abated near St. Ignace where we paid the $14 toll to cross the Mackinac (also pronounced “mackinaw”) Bridge. Tall enough to allow ocean-going ships to transit, but narrow enough to be scary, it was a stress inducer because of the expected high winds blowing across Lake Michigan. Fortunately, this proved to be unfounded, but one could imagine the possibilities.

We were quickly at our RV park, Mackinaw Mill Creek Camping, and Kay registered at one of many “windows” (it’s that big of a campground) while I unhooked the Honda. Making the way through the campground, an idiot driving from the opposite direction glared at me for not giving him the right of way and yelled “back up” as if moving the 35-foot motorhome was that simple. The dusty gravel roads were narrow, and the directions were unclear. After much consternation, we found our site, and set-up. Despite trying a myriad of locations, we could not find a satellite signal; no television for 4 days!

Lunch was leftovers from Thursday’s Walmart deli, and Kay followed with a brief nap.

We opted to spend the late afternoon driving south to Cheboygan, a quaint little city on Lake Huron, then south to Indian River, west to Petoskey and Charlevoix, and returning north along the shore back through Petoskey, to Harbor Springs, Good Hart, and Cross Village where we planned to eat German food at the famous Legs Inn; regrettably, the wait was an hour and a half, too long for too late in the day. Along the way, the signs of extreme wealth and affluence were obvious at the small lakeside cities and villages. Even the RV parks were expensive at $70+ per night—too much for an Arkansas redneck—and they probably wouldn’t have let us enter anyway! A paved bicycle trail follows the lakeshore the entire way from near Petoskey to Charlevoix. The large, old, historic, and well-maintained houses overlooking Lake Michigan reminded me of St. Charles Avenue in New Orleans, complete with well-manicured grounds. Lots of folks were scurrying around at the open-air markets and galleries—Kay’s kind of place, but definitely not mine. From Harbor Springs north, we drove a lakeside road that is called a tunnel road because of the trees overhanging from both sides. It’s unique, but of course we have River Ridge Road in Norfork. Much of the property and many of the houses were for sale—perhaps a victim of the economy. In Mackinaw City, we found the center of action with lots of hotels, shops, and restaurants, but that was all. Maybe we’ll go there tomorrow.

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