Wednesday, August 7—Finishing Our Copper Harbor Visit

130807 WIMI E 001

Fog shrouded everything, though today was supposed to be clear and sunny. It formed a ceiling a couple of hundred feet above the ground. Nevertheless, we wanted to experience the Brockway Mountain Drive, and found the first viewing area to be under the ceiling, allowing great views of Copper Harbor. Further up, the fog provided a giant curtain for views in all directions. Consequently, our drive atop the mountain was almost all for nought. After descending the mountain at Eagle Harbor, we drove back up the coast to Copper Harbor, and then on one of the few city streets to a nice waterfall, the highlight of the morning’s road trip.

Back at the motorhome, a couple of retired Industrial Arts educators looked at the auxiliary brake and Honda CR-V setup and gave some suggestions for a possible fix. Both had similar set-ups. While talking with them, I noticed the hood hinge had popped loose from the body of the motorhome, likely from the very rough roads in Missouri and Wisconsin—another project for when we get home.

We ate a quick lunch, donned bicycle helmets, and road a 4-mile circuit that took us to the very end (or beginning) of US Highway 41, and along the coast for yet another waterfall.

Having discovered Wi-fi at the shower house, I uploaded a couple of app updates on the iPad, sent a few email messages, including one to Lichtsinn Motors about a fix for the motorhome hinge, and uploaded several blog entries. It was very slow, taking almost an hour, but it worked!

130807 WIMI E 004

This evening’s interpretive program was on Hunter’s Point (see Tuesday’s blog entry), given by a representative of the Copper Harbor Historical Society. He explained the purpose and scope of the protected area, and presented several “gee-whiz” facts. He mentioned a couple of locations for watching sunsets, and that caught our attention. Also, he used an iPad remotely attached to a projector via Apple TV and a wireless network to give a real jazzy talk; I asked him about the hook-up procedure, and this is something we’ll try at home!

After the interpretive program, we walked back to the motorhome, got in the car and drove to Hunter’s Point for the first sunset of the evening. It was awesome, but not quite in the same league as Egg Harbor in Door County, Wisconsin. We then drove back towards the campground, parked at the dump station, and walked/ran to through the woods to the lakeshore for another awesome sunset. 

130807 WIMI E 012

These two sunsets proved a fitting end to our stay in Copper Harbor, Michigan. P.S. We had heard much about Copper Harbor and the Keweenaw Peninsula, and it became a “bucket list” item. It was quaint, but lacked the sophistication of Door County, Wisconsin. We liked Fort Wilkins Historic State Park, and the restoration and re-creation of the fort was great, but we erroneously expected a living history type of experience. We were a bit disappointed in this part of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan; unless one used it as the drop-off for a ferry to Isle Royale, there was not much to do, though many people come back year after year to just hangout. We’re glad we came, but probably won’t come back, and would not have come had we known what to expect.

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