Thursday, August 1—The Rest of Door County

Today marks our last full day in Door County, Wisconsin, and the forecast call for beautiful weather, i.e. mostly clear, highs in the high 70s, and only a 30% chance of precipitation.

Our morning drive took us north back to Fish Creek, Ephraim, for a picture of the colorful boathouse gallery, and to Sister Bay where we watched the goats munch on the grass-covered roofs.

130801 WIMI E 016

And then, we drove east and north to Rowleys Bay, stopping at a bakery for some muffins and cookies, and back west to Sister Bay where we turned south to revisit the Cana Island Lighthouse (it was shrouded in fog yesterday). This old lighthouse was a delight, except for the 100+ narrow steps spiral staircase. At the top, the ancient, but efficient lens appeared, consisted on hundreds of prisms, powerful enough that a 300 watt lightbulb is magnified sufficiently to be seen at a distance of 18 miles. Outside and significantly higher than the surrounding land, the eastern peninsula coastline—Lake Michigan’s western coastline—was displayed with its colorful variations of blue and green.

130801 WIMI E 017

Further south, at Baileys Harbor, we had lunch at one of the recommended restaurants; the food was mediocre and their speciality, fried perch, was just okay.

And then, we continued south to Whitefish Dunes State Park where we had hoped to do a bicycle ride. The unmaintained, off road “trail” discouraged us sufficiently that we passed, and swimming in the 58 degree water of Lake Michigan off their mile and a half sand beach did not sound enticing.

130801 WIMI P E 007

Back west across the peninsula, we found ourselves in Little Harbor, and driving north, we arrived back at Egg Harbor RV Park and Campground by mid-afternoon. Attempts at an afternoon nap half failed, i.e. one of us was successful. I woke Kay at 4:30 PM in order for us to drive down to Egg Harbor for a concert in the park where a quintet of high schoolers from a nearby music academy was performing. Just before the concert began, a few sprinkles turned into a light shower, moving everyone into a tent that had been set up for another event. During the course of the jazz concert, a full blown rain fell. The teenagers performed for an hour and a half, and they were very good.

130801 WIMI E 018

We ate a quick evening meal, and drove back into town yet again for the sunset. The clouds from earlier in the evening were still present, but the sun finally peaked out long enough to allow a few photographs to be made. This marked a fitting end to our stay in Door County. If the good Lord is willing, we will return at some point in the future.

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