Monday, July 29—Good Highways and Bike Riding

After a couple of photos of the Arch just across the river, we readied the RV for travel and departed the Casino Queen RV Park at 8:30 AM. While the RV park was not great, it is an easy on and off, and has excellent security in an otherwise bad part of town.

Back on I-55, we drove north to Bloomington, Illinois, and there switched to I-39 north. Along the way, another motorhome passed us, towing a car via a tow dolly, and we heard a pop. The right tire on the tow dolly began deflating, and the big diesel pusher had no idea. And then, the tire began smoking, and very shortly afterwards, parts of tires began flying everywhere. They will likely have to replace the wheel as well as the tire. We were surprised by only a few fuel stops and the lack of rest areas along I-39, though we finally found one about an hour south of our destination, Loves Park, Illinois. We had lunch at the rest area’s picnic area, and enjoyed the break. At Rockford, Illinois, I-39 became a toll road to our destination exit. Both I-55 and I-39 were among the smoothest highways we’ve driven, but both still had their share of bumps, potholes, and rough patches; and we can feel and hear them all as we shake, rattle, and roll down the road with hard tires and stiff suspension.

130729 WIMI P E 001

We registered at Rock Cut State Park, northern Illinois’ largest, and set up on an “electric only” site. After 40 minutes on the phone with DishTV, we decided our “southern window” was insufficient for a satellite signal, and gave up; we’ll watch “air” TV from Chicago as we’re only a few miles away. Instead of watching television, Kay unloaded the bicycles and we went on a great, 10-mile ride around and through the state park. It was refreshing after riding in the RV for 2 days without much of a break. A quiet evening followed Healthy Choice dinners.

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