Sunday thru Saturday, May 19-25, 2013—Just Hangin’ Out

We’re still working around the place, cutting a few storm damaged trees and ones too close to the lane from the street to the house; most are Eastern red cedar, and the heartwood is really hard.  On Sunday, a couple of local high school boys came by to work a couple of hours and they were really put through the paces, piling logs and limbs.  I worked solo on Monday, cutting several more trees and piling the debris; it’s a real job!  While finishing the job, the on/off switch on the chainsaw stuck in the “On” position, so it was to the repair shop.  I’ll finish next week!  Anyway, the place looks a little bit neater now.

There are still a few butterflies and moths flittering about, offering some photo opportunities.








The duplicate bridge class is waning in attendance, but we are still going on Wednesday afternoons.  An then, on Friday afternoon, we played duplicate bridge at the Van Matre Senior Center.  It was Kay’s first time to play duplicate bridge but she did well, and we finished 5 out of 8 teams—could’ve been better, could’ve been worse.

The days are beginning to warm to the mid-80s with attendant high humidity; consequently, our outdoor activities will begin to cease, unless on water.  Speaking of which, water surface temperature of Norfork Lake is only 68 degrees.

We’re both beginning to have RV withdrawal, but no end is in sight for being homebound!  Until next week…

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