Wednesday, March 20, 2013—Falmouth, Jamaica

Today’s port of call, the last one of the cruise, is Falmouth, Jamaica. The small island of Jamaica lies due south of Cuba.  Falmouth, located on the north coast, was once a major sugar and rum port in the 18th and 19th centuries—dependent largely on slave trade.  This once wealthy Jamaican city was marked by Georgian-style “Great Houses” which remain intact today.130320_E-3  The slave-supported economy ended in 1840 with the Emancipation, and today Falmouth appears as if time has stood still.

We finally wised up and had room service–coffee and pastries–in the room this morning; what a way to live!

130320_E-2After a leisurely early morning, we had a small, but slow breakfast. After disembarking, we walked through the shopping district, and Kay bought a few small gifts. Leaving the shopping district and entering the real Jamaica, we observed less than opulent houses and shops, and a poor economy almost wholly dependent on tourism.  Apparently illegal drugs and marijuana are rampant as passengers were warned many times, and threatened with photographs if they partook.

We found Jamaica to be quite expensive, except for some jewelry and watches which sell for brand-allowable discounts with no taxes and no duty (under $800 we were later to discover), a savings of about 25%; some diamond jewelry will discount up to to about 70%.130320_E-7

Back on board we ate lunch–excellent pan seared grouper, “fried” cabbage, and bacon potato salad–and changed into swimsuits, spending the next 3 hours in and around the spa and hot tub.

Dinner tonight included rack of lamb, one of our favorites, and it was prepared well. 

Entertainment was Domenik Allen from the legendary rock group, FOREIGNER.  He has also performed in Las Vegas, Broadway, and London’s West End, and on “Days Of Our Lives”. He was awesome, playing saxophone, guitar, and clarinet, and had a tremendous voice with lots of range and air. He did songs from The Eagles, FOREIGNER, Kiss, and many other groups. He is the best entertainment we’ve seen on any of our cruises.

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