Wednesday, February 27, 2013—Trying To Get It All In

Our pace has once again quickened, as we are trying to get in as many activities as we can here in the Valley.

130227_EAfter completing some household chores, Chuck, Van, and I went on a long bicycle ride, the first along the road runner trail, then to Anzalduas Park, and back to BPVRV Resort, the total distance of about 18 miles. The first 10 miles was easy riding, as the wind was either nonexistent, or blowing at our backs.  The last 8 miles, however, were a struggle, though Van and I pedaled well over 15 miles per hour trying to catch Chuck.  130227_E-2Chuck, at 70 years old, rode us into the ground, and we’ll all pay for it the next day or two. It is truly a joy to ride with these two guys, as the conversation is always pleasant, and our riding ability is about equal.

(Added) Despite the wind, I visited the National Butterfly Center, perhaps for the last time this season, and was rewarded with a few photos of butterflies and a bird or two.  There are different butterflies each time I go there, but with the wind, it was difficult to photograph them as they would flit rather than sit! The first photo is a Giant Swallowtail I’ve been trying to photograph for over a week now, and all I got is the a fleeting glimpse.  The last photo is a Clay-colored Thrush, a member of the Robin family.130227_EE-2



PhotoIn the evening we joined next-door neighbors, Paul and Laura, for dinner at one of their favorite restaurants, Republic of the Rio Grande. This restaurant is a steakhouse, and the food is very, very good. Despite our arguing, Paul bought our dinner as a thank you for my assisting Lorna with some computer/photography issues.

Upon returning to the motorhome, we played a late bridge game with Al and Sharon. As has been the case the last several evenings, I came in last. The cards just have not been falling the right way.

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