Friday, February 1, 2013—The Days are Flying Past

Can you believe it? February is already here. This winter has flown by.

Our weather here in the Rio Grande Valley has been spectacular the last couple of weeks with the same forecast for the next 10 days. Mornings are cool and calm, and as the day begins to warm winds from the Mexican desert began to blow, continuing to blow until sunset. A few mosquitoes remain, but are not as bad as in December.

Usually, the highlight of Friday’s is the weekly entertainment at the clubhouse, and tonight was no different.  Tonight, a local young man, Rolando Reyes, performed vocally and played trumpet. He is a choral director for middle school in Harlingen, Texas.  He definitely has the best voice we’ve heard in the RGV, but lacks stage presence.  He fiddled with his sound system the entire night, which proved to be quite distracting; in most cases the audience does not hear the little nuances he hears.  AS the night wore on, he got better and better.  His rendition of  “Ave Maria” was the best I’ve ever heard, complete with the full vibrato and resonance of his voice.  And his self-accompaniment on the trumpet was very good.  He ended the night with a couple of Gaither gospel songs, and was awesome; his Baptist upbringing and strong belief in Jesus as the Son of God showed through in both his words and music.  Rolando Reyes’ CD, I Surrender All, can be purchased by emailing him at

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