Saturday thru Tuesday, January 26-29, 2013—Windy, and Kay Returns to the RGV

It has been really quiet around both the motorhome and the resort the last few days. The wind has been blowing steadily at over 20 mi./h with gusts sometimes reaching over 40 mi./h. It sure puts a damper on outdoor activities such as bike riding, flying RC airplanes, birdwatching, and observing butterflies.  Even church on Sunday was very low-key, and many were absent. It is pledge time and this Sunday marked the day when pledges for the upcoming year are submitted, and with many winter Texans attending services at this time of year, most opted not to come. Other than the wind, the weather has been spectacular with highs in the mid to high 80s, even reaching 90° on Tuesday. With Kay gone I haven’t done much except catch up on movies via Amazon Prime.

Kay arrived back in the Valley Tuesday afternoon, just in time for happy hour at the palapa. Of course, everyone was glad to see her, especially me. She appeared as happy to be back in the Valley as we were to have her back. All the ladies nearby had been diligent to keep tabs on and monitor my comings and goings, much like small towns in the 1950s—quite humorous. Things here in the Valley should be normal until we return home.

Sorry there are no photos.

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