Tuesday-Wednesday, January 22-23, 2013—Bridge and RC Airplanes

This was not a typical day in the RGV. We left the resort about 10:00 AM, and drove to the Valley international Airport in Harlingen, Texas, where I dropped Kay off to fly to central Arkansas for a visit. She will be gone eight days. Back at the coach, it was quiet and lonely. Everyone asked about her at the happy hour, most knowing that she had gone to central Arkansas for a visit. And, the women reminded me that they would keep an eye on me to make sure I kept a straight and narrow lifestyle! Seriously, everyone seems to look out for one another down here.

I played party bridge at the Activities Center; there were three tables. Many of the people who played our beginners, are very deliberate in their bidding and playing, and consequently, quite slow. It took us an hour and 45 minutes to play eight hands. I had one good hand, but never could get a fit with a partner. It was frustrating, but fun, nevertheless.

130123_E-8With Kay out of town, I was looking for things to do to keep busy. This morning after walking, I rode to a nearby grass field and watched several of the resort 130123_E-11residents fly radio controlled (RC) airplanes. Among those flying, one was a retired Boeing 747 pilot, another was a semi-retired mechanical engineer, and another was a retired veterinarian. These planes, with battery powered electric motors, are much different than those I used to observe in college which had gasoline powered engines. They still fly very fast, and can do acrobatics.  Jim Alexander, the semi-retired mechanical engineer, had built two airplanes from scratch, and they 130123_E-16are amazing. With foam bodies, and the engine mounted above the fuselage on the tail, they are good planes to fly over water.  Regrettably, he crashed  one plane accidentally and flew another into a tree, and had to wait for the wind to blow it out. Flying RC airplanes is something I have wanted to do my entire adult life, and now may be the time to begin!


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