Wednesday, January 16, 2013—Back in the Woodshop

Immediately upon getting out of bed, I checked to see if LR4 had downloaded, and of course it had not. Further attempts do download this software were suspended until later in the day.

Still cold, but with sunshine, I returned to the woodshop to begin, and finish, turning the segmented bowl.  I’m a little afraid of the lathe (from watching, as a young child, my dad get his fingertips cutoff on a jointer), but managed to shape both the outside and inside of the bowl. I still don’t know which turning tools to use for the various parts of the bowl, but suspect that would come from experience. The woodshop is quite busy, and one has to be prepared for a few bumps along the way, something quite unsafe.130118-5 After the bowl was turned, the sanding process began, beginning with a very coarse grit sandpaper and transitioning to a finer grit sandpaper each time.  Sanding was easy while the bowl was still on the lathe, but I could not help but breathe in the dust created by all the woodworkers.  The dormant allergies kicked in and the allergic reaction began, with a stuffy nose and the beginning of a headache. When the bowl was smooth, I applied a coat of 50% Deft/50% lacquer thinner. The bowl was dry in about 20 minutes, the rough spots were removed with a scouring pad, but time did not allow for applying a second coat before the shop closed. The photo shows the bowls side by side—Kay’s is on the right.

Back at the motorhome, a final attempt at downloading LR4 was made, this time as a free 30-day trial, and it worked! The trial version was easy to convert into an upgrade, simply by entering in the identification tag number. The process of copying and migrating the backups, catalogs, presets, and preferences was begun knowing that it would be interrupted by Margarita hour at the Activities Center. Kay had made “Uncle” Jack’s cherry cheesecake, and planned to take it for the potluck, but a neighbor, Van, rapped on the door, bringing his computer to show pictures of the several bowls he had made last winter. He is a retired veterinarian, a perfectionist, and has the patience of Job; the bowls were awesome, and the surface finish was near-perfect. We had a great conversation concerning kayaking, where we each lived, and some of our work history and retirement. We find that we have many things in common with our neighbors.

All of the relevant files for LR4 ban the slave codes on hands were copied and migrated to the new computer, and everything worked just fine.

Tonight following Margarita hour, the Activities team scheduled a Karaoke night. It was a mixture of some pretty decent vocalists, and a number of people who were well lubricated, but could not carry a tune, even in a washtub. Kay was far and away the best vocalist, and I surprised her by joining her in singing You Light Up My Life. We succeeded in bringing a few tears to the audience, either for emotional reasons or because we were bad! It was a good way to end a good day.

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