Saturday, January 12, 2012—All About Bowls

I was so impressed with what Kay had accomplished in the woodshop, I began making a sectional bowl as well.  Today was the first day, and began with a review of plans and instructions, cutting pieces to make the sections, and initiating the gluing process, all accomplished within a couple of hours. And then, as I was turning the base, the knife twisted and the base flew apart!  The instructor was none too happy, though very patient.  That was enough for the day.  Kay got her finished bowl today, and a photo of this beautiful work of art will show up on a later blog.

With a severe cold front forecast to arrive in a day or so, we spent a good portion of the afternoon at the pool and hot tub, and visited with new friend and fellow blogger John  John and Sharon are full-timers, enjoying the open road while they are still relative young.  After reading early entries in their blog as to how they began their RV lifestyle, we realized that we shared many of the same thought, and thus had a common bond, though we’re only part-timers.   They leave Bentsen Palm RV Village Resort on Tuesday, moving next door to Retama for a few days—it’s been a hoot getting to know them and hearing about their lifestyle.

Our weekly show was tonight Country Roland Garcia Band.  Roland Garcia, Jr. plays Tejano music, a 20th century blend of south Texas Tex-Mex country music, a genre derived from south Texas Chicano music in the 1970s.  Roland Garcia, Sr. was a popular innovator of this type of music, and well known throughout the RGV.  His son, Roland, Jr., has taken over the reins from his now deceased father.  Country Roland 1He started playing guitar at age of four, played with small garage bands until age eleven, then started playing with his father.  His bio says he always listened to country music, and that his influences were Merle Haggard, Buck Owens, Charley Pride, Marty Robbins, Willie Nelson, and Waylon Jennings. He has a passion for classic country, and plays that style, except for doing some country music in Spanish.

We’re looking forward to January 22 when he will play for a dance at our resort—gotta get the Wranglers, Tony Lama’s, and cowboy hat ready for some Texas Two-Steppin’!

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