Saturday, January 5, 2013—Ready for a Weather Break

We ate breakfast out at El Tio Chuy Mexican Restaurant, our new favorite in the Valley, on Saturday, January 5. Family owned and operated by three generations, the food and service is very good, and the prices quite reasonable. We continued our daily walk despite misting rain and cold temperature. The rest of the bleak morning afforded an opportunity to catch up on the blog, absent photos; regrettably, the weather has not provided much of an opportunity to take pictures.  About mid-afternoon, the rain stopped and it began to noticeably get warmer. Remarkably, people began to come out of their RVs, first a few than seemingly the entire resort population was out walking or riding bicycles. It warmed enough to have happy hour at the palapa, and most of the neighbors came out, tired of the cabin fever that had gotten progressively worse since New Year’s Day.  Card bingo was packed tonight with 116 players, but neither Kay nor I even got close to winning.  Hopefully, the  “winter” weather has broken, maybe for the season!121212_E02

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