Monday, December 31, 2012—Awaiting a New Year

After an exhausting day of driving down from central Arkansas yesterday, we took it easy today, sort of.  After a decent night’s sleep, and a couple of cups of coffee, we were ready to get back in a routine and do something outside.  We walked the length of the resort to dump garbage, mostly packaging from Christmas presents, and met Chuck, a neighbor, who asked me to join him for a ride.  He and rode 10+ miles on one of the several trails nearby. Kay spent the morning at the grocery store restocking the motorhome after our 10-day absence.  She busied herself cooking most of the afternoon, preparing our contribution to the New Year’s Eve party potluck.

We gathered in the palapa for happy hour at 5:00 PM, and had a potluck dinner at 6:00 PM.  Only about one third of our circle attended as many had other dinner plans. We waited as best we could for the new year, making it through Newfoundland time (2-1/2 hours ahead of us), Atlantic time (2 hours ahead of us), and Eastern time (1 hour ahead of us), but didn’t make it with the group for Central time.  Kay crashed about 11:30 PM, and I made it to just after midnight, working on the blog entry for the holiday period.

Tomorrow, I’ll post a review of 2012 thanks to seeing that done on a couple of other blogs we follow:  Travels with Emma, and On the Road of Retirement.  By the way, 2012 was a super year, and Kay and I were truly blessed in more ways than the human mind can perceive.

We’ll end the year with some photo memories of our grandkids:  Kaden, Ridge, and Harper Ann.



DD and his lil "Harp"

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