Sunday, December 16, 2012—A Morning Cantata and Movie Night

We attend First United Methodist Church in Mission during our stay in the RGV, and really like the pastor; he plays drums in the praise band and also sings in the Christmas choir.  There are 3 services, and we attend the Praise and Worship service at 9:00 AM along with about 50 other faithfuls, mostly Winter Texans. This morning the choir presented a Christmas cantata, One Small Child, and did a great job.  Though small in numbers, their voices were on key, blended well, and were loud enough to be heard.

121215-2After a quick trip to Walmart, we returned to the resort, had a quick bite to eat, and rode bicycles to the Bentsen Palm RGV State Park.  There were not too many birds flying, but we enjoyed the bicycle ride nevertheless.

Back at the resort, the pool and hot tub beckoned us, and the warm temperature made the soak even more delightful.

In the evening, we carried our lawn chairs to the Activity Center to watch Darling Companion.  This movie, is about a older couple in an overactive lifestyle, their adult children and a rescued dog; it has lots of star power, is somewhat of a “chick” flick, but very enjoyable.

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