Wednesday, December 5, 2012—Butterflies, Costco, Sam’s Club, etc.

We’re finally getting into a routine, with coffee, email and newspapers when we wake up, from between 5:00 and 6:00 AM to about 7:30 AM, a light breakfast, and a combination walk around the park/taking the garbage and trash out.  After that, we’re pretty much on our own for the rest of the morning.  I usually do chores, ride the bicycle, work on photos and blogs, etc.  It’s then pool and hot tub time for a couple of hours, then shopping, if necessary.  And then, we meet the neighbors at the palapa for happy hour.
The wifi here has been terrible, and unreliable.  They have a new system, and are still working the bugs out–seems to me they have a long way to go.  A few neighbors and I became so frustrated that we made arrangements to have our own private internet service–of course, the same person owns the cable/internet service that owns Bentsen Palm Village RV Park.  I personally don’t believe there’s any marketing regarding the poor service; and the park’s free wifi will be fine when all the bug get worked out.  Regardless, Kay and I bought our own service, and it will allow us to stay connected, and stream videos.  Consequently, I hung around the motorhome waiting for the installation, and the service guy was prompt and fast.  I had the modem installed in one of the basement compartments where we have access to the outside, and plug-ins, and we hard-wired our router.  We now have our own private network, just like home.

121205_E05Kay was having a pedicure while all this was going on, and after the installation was completed, I finally dug the camera out and took photos of butterflies along the wall of the Bentsen Palm Village RV Park (rent your space) and Retama Village (buy your space) compound walls.

We finally ran out of groceries, or just about, necessitating a trip to “town”.  Costco and Sam’s Club are located across the street from one another in Pharr, between Mission and McAllen—about a fifteen minute drive for us.  We had been anxious to shop at Costco since last winter as they opened it just a few weeks after we left the RGV to return home.  The Pharr Costco is clean, with wide isles, and lots of good stuff.  We bought some food stuff, including salmon and steak for grilling, fruits, and paper plates and bowls (to minimize dishwashing).  At Sam’s Club, we supplemented the Costco purchases, and noted the differences in the stores.  Sam’s Club was crowded, disorganized, hand an untidy appearance, and the clerks were not the shiniest ornament on the tree, if you know what I mean.  Oh well, at least we have a choice down here.
We skipped the margarita hour, instead visiting with our neighbors in the palapa.
It was just another quiet day in the RGV.

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