Friday, November 9, 2012—The Fall Bluegrass Festival

With rally hosting duties behind us, we were able to enjoy a leisurely cup of coffee in bed, before greeting the world.

121109_E22Though the RV park was full early this morning, many of the rally attendees left today, pulling out at various times, and leaving 5 coaches to stay over an extra day or two to attend the Fall Bluegrass Festival or participate in other activities around the area.

Kay and I drove to the Folk Center, met up with Bruce and Jeannie, and visited several of the craft shops.  I found the "stories" of the various crafts people to be more interesting than their craftsmanship.  Many ended up in the Mountain View area because of the music, and work at the Crafts Village to support their music.

We took a short break to have lunch at Jo Jo’s, and they still serve good, but not great, catfish. We returned to the Ozark Folk Center to attend the matinee session of the Bluegrass Festival.  While all the groups were good, the "headliner" groups were great, and their rhythm, timing, blends, and smoothness were heads and shoulders above the others; today, we particularly liked Special Consensus, and really, really liked Sierra Hull and 111.

After the matinee performance, we returned to the RV park where I worked feverishly to update this blog. As evening came and the day began to cool, a fire was built outside, and Kay joined others around the circle for some lively conversation.

Shortly before 7 PM, we drove back to the Folk Center to catch performances by Special Consensus and Sierra Hull and 111. Sierra was better than ever, and is the next Allison Krauss.

1 thought on “Friday, November 9, 2012—The Fall Bluegrass Festival

  1. You never quite know about your friends until you find out that they have written about everything that they have ever done. Amazing. Makes you an even cooler guy & gal than I even thought you were!Very impressed!!

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