Saturday, October 27, 2012—Home, Again

We awoke to a very cold morning, 38 degrees, and a light frost.  It was difficult getting out of the warm bed, but with other commitments tomorrow, Sunday, we finally made ourselves get up to begin preparations to leave.  It didn’t take too long, and we were underway by 8:15 AM.  Because of the steep and curvy road, we decided not to tow the Honda CR-V for the first several miles.  Without a tow, the motorhome cruised the mountains without a problem, and I was able to pull over a couple of times and let backed up traffic pass.  At Huntsville, the Honda was connected, and the trip home was uneventful.  We arrived at 12:30 PM, unpacked what needed to be unpacked, washed clothes, etc.  Kay spent a good portion of the afternoon cleaning the motorhome and getting it ready for the next trip, while I “winterized” the irrigation system, drained water hoses, edited photographs, and finalized this blog.

The trip this week was great, and we really enjoyed rallying with the Ozark Ridge Runners (ORR).  Each club is different, but the ORR seems to focus more on traveling and touring—our cup of tea—rather than eating; the ORR potlucks and eating on our own suit us fine.  Also, the ORR has more members from near where we live.  They camp in a variety of places, including state and federal campgrounds, which we also prefer. Bottom line is that we have fun with them and they RV the way we like to RV.

Having said all that, week after next we’re co-hosting an Arkansas Travelers rally in Mountain View, replete with two complete prepared meals a day (prepared by our co-hosts and us, and by  restaurants), in an RV park with full hook-ups and a rally room…

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