Saturday, September 15, 2012—Lunenburg, Nova Scotia

After a restful night’s sleep in a great B&B, I enjoyed coffee made from dark roasted beans brewed in their Keurig coffee maker—almost as good as being at home.

The Atlantic Sojourn is so comfortable and complete, that one cannot help but relax and enjoy reading, listening to music, or other similar activities. I took advantage of the peace and quiet in one of their comfortable common areas, catching up on local news and emails on the IPad before other inn guests awoke and began to stir. After conversation with other guests over coffee, we all sat down for breakfast.  I had orange juice, oatmeal with raisins and brown sugar, poached eggs, maple and smoke flavored bacon, and English muffin.  This breakfast was complete, and almost as good as the Innisfree B&B in Hopewell, New Brunswick.

Harbor at Lunenburg, Nova ScotiaWith nothing really planned for the day, we all walked to the harbor front, where John and Sandy split off to do a house tour.

Kay and I continued to the harbor, taking pictures along the way, and then Kay split off to shop while I walked the remainder of the historical district, amazed at all the colorful houses and shops.It's fall in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia I returned to the B&B and worked on the blog, almost bringing it up to date, immensely enjoying free time. Kay joined me, and after a couple of hours, we walked back to the harbor front and spent an hour or so in their local museum. John and Sandy came by just as we finished the museum, and Kay and I returned to the B&B. We all looked forward to dinner at Olde Black Forest Restaurant, a Local German eatery. While it was good, I think we were all a little disappointed as it wasn’t quite what we expected.

The rest of the evening was spent packing for our return to Halifax and the last whole day in Nova Scotia.

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