Tuesday, May 15, 2012–Yosemite National Park, California

Kay and I slept so so, but awakened early for the hotel breakfast of boiled eggs, toast, and yogurt–yum, yum.

After the others had awakened and had breakfast, I caught the hotel shuttle back to airport with George to pick up the rental car, then we drove back to the hotel to pick up Kay and Nan, and luggage, and departed South San Francisco for Yosemite National Park. We made an uneventful drive, stopping along the way at one of many produce stands to buy apricots, oranges, apples, and cherries. This California fruit is outstanding. We arrived in Yosemite NP in mid-afternoon, and oohed and ahhed at our first waterfall. The drive down into the “valley” was pretty awesome along the steep, curvy roads. As we entered the valley, we stopped and hiked a short distance to a viewing area for Bridal Vail Falls.

At the registration office, I asked Kay to sign us in since she had made the reservations. She was not her usually enthusiastic self, and would have preferred that I do it, but offered to wait in line, etc. Enroute to the “tent”, we stopped by the Visitor’s Center for maps, park guides, and trail recommendations, and then bought sandwiches at an adjoining store–of course paying National Park Service concessionaire prices. Nan and George bought crackers and hummus (we’re all dieting), and we all ate at a picnic table just outside the store. With almost full tummies and armed with all of the info from the Visitor’s Center, we proceeded towards the “tent”, taking requisite photos of Half Dome along the way.

As we approached the “tent” area, we looked and looked for our “tents” among the several hundred, and finally finding them, had a difficult time then finding a parking place. And this is the off season!

As we unloaded the car, it was obvious that Kay was feeling bad; in her usual fashion she toughed it out, but went to bed immediately with chills and fever. She vomited and had other stomach problems, all symptomatic of food poisoning.

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