Tuesday, April 17—Razorback Baseball

20120417_UofA Baseball for Blog_01A good night’s sleep is a great cure for frustration—a new day, with new opportunities.  Our rally itinerary provides for coffee and a light breakfast on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday mornings of rally week.  Typically, the men began gathering about 7 AM for coffee, then the light breakfast, and the ladies join a little later, though there is no prohibition against them joining sooner.  It’s a good routine and it seems to work well. 

After breakfast, at Kay’s suggestion, several of the ladies rode to the square in Fayetteville for an informal walking tour.  They oohed and awed over the great look and plantings.  Our weekend neighbor, Bootsie, is largely responsible for this project, and spent several years facilitating its development and construction—Bootsie, you did good!

I used the “quiet” time to walk around Road Hog Park, and surprisingly discovered my brother’s college roommate and his wife parked in their slot, enjoying a short vacation and readying for the Arkansas Razorback’s football Red-White game on the following Saturday.  It is rare that I knock on someone’s RV door, but I had to confirm that it was Jerry and Betty, and it was.  After introducing myself, we talked about Ronnie and some of his college escapades, and their brief visit with him shortly before he passed away, and about church music and our respective singing adventures.  It was good to visit with them, and being in the same place at the same time is what Kay would call a God incident—I have to agree!

Dinner was potluck, and the club provided rotisserie chicken.  There was some awesome food, but I stuck closely to the diet.  One of my favorites was a slaw made by Judy from Cherokee Village, and we’ll get the recipe from her.  It sure was hard to pass up such delectable delights as pasta and shrimp salad, corn pudding, and many other great food choices, but …  And, the desserts were out of this world.  Having been on the diet since early September, my sense of smell of sweets is incredible and the chocolate cobbler and apple pie and ice cream casserole were almost too much to bear. 

20120417_UofA Baseball for Blog_02Several of us decided to attend the University of Arkansas baseball game and it was a hoot.  The game was pretty blasé, but some of the fans were ridiculously loud and funny.  The in-between innings entertainment was “pretty” good as well, if you know what I mean.  Back to the game; it was decided in the bottom of the 9th, two out, bases loaded, and a full count.  A Razorback designated hitter managed a solid hit, driving in the winning run. Oh, by the way, Baum Stadium where the Razorbacks play is considered to be the best college baseball field in the nation, and it sure looked like it to us.  20120417_UofA Baseball for Blog_03

The photos were taken by Kay with her I phone.

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