Wednesday, February 29—Last Day in the Rio Grande Valley

I spent this morning getting everything ready for the trip home:  breaking down the bicycle, dumping the tanks, stowing chairs and grill and tables, and checking the oil and kicking the tires.

This afternoon, Kay and I squeezed in a couple of hours of pool time, in 90 degree temperatures, and one last palapa party.

Fellow retired US Army Corps of Engineers civilian and premier birder, Jerry, and his wife, Karen, came by to wish us farewell, as did Al and his wife from Canada.  Gosh, folks have been so friendly down here.  It is a sad evening indeed.

February 2012, despite having 29 days, has proved to have far too few days for enjoying the Rio Grande Valley. We didn’t get to do all of what we wanted, partly because of the extensive rain, partly because we didn’t have enough time, and partly because we wanted to do too many things. Consequently, there was no fishing, no kayaking, no pontoon boating, only one dance lesson and one evening of dancing, not enough birding, and not enough bicycling. But, we had a great time, anyway!

Tomorrow, we join some 60 other RVs leaving for home, but some 40 more will show up here at Bentsen Palm Village RV Resort to take our place.  This is a busy place! 

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