Wednesday, January 25—Slowing Down

Today is Wednesday, January 25. Sometimes, actually, oftentimes on these trips, Kay and I keep such a hectic schedule—just go, go, go—that we have to slow down, take a deep breath, and reevaluate our travel plans and objectives before we start off anew. Today is one of those days. We have decided to take it easy, catch up with household chores such as clothes washing and drying, and take on other house keeping duties.

Completing our chores didn’t take long—now what?  We have some social obligations to fulfill with several RVing friends down here in the Rockport and Aransas Pass area.  We were just getting ready to call Jim and Ginny for dinner, but just before we phoned them, they beat us to the punch and called inviting us to dinner in Port Aransas.  Port Aransas is on the barrier island, just across the bay, and involves a fun ferry ride.  Moby Dick's, Port Aransas, TXThey picked us up at 4:30 PM, drove to Port Aransas, to Moby Dick’s restaurant. On Wednesday evenings, Moby Dick’s features all-you-can-eat boiled shrimp, complete with potatoes, corn on the cob, and cornbread muffin, perfect for Weight Watchers (yeah, right). Kay, Jim, and Ginny ordered the shrimp, while I ordered grilled tilapia with grilled vegetables and green beans. Oh, the sacrifices one has to make!  This learning to eat healthy is difficult.  Regardless, the food was very, very good, and the prices were reasonable. Moby Dick's welcomes Winter Texans, Port Aransas, TXMoby Dick’s was packed with Winter Texans, and featured the Medicare Band. We had seen them advertised on the sign and speculated that all the members were over 65.  We were right, but the band was good and reminded us of our days in the Rio Grande Valley in 2008 and 2009.  As we left the restaurant, a sliver of the moon shown above the lighthouse, making for a perfect evening.  The ride back, even on the ferry, was anticlimactic.

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